The biggest potential for credit card fraud occurs when your card details are viewed or able to be accessed by too many people. For example, when you hand over your card to a 'real' person in a store, or give out your credit card details to someone over the telephone, there is more potential for fraud because your card details can be copied.

On the other hand, making a credit card purchase over the Internet is much safer than you may think because the entire purchasing process is automated and nobody gets to view details like your credit card number or expiry date.

PayPal is the leading provider of digital trust services that enable everyone, everywhere to engage in commerce and communications with confidence.

When you make a purchase through the Mortgage Free Australia website, you are actually taken to the web page of our specialist Internet Payment Gateway provider, PayPal.

Once you are at PayPal, you will note that the lock on your browser changes to a locked/closed position. This means that the information you submit is encrypted using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) architecture (dependent on browser support). PayPal then approves or rejects the transaction based on the information that is received by them. If approved, then an e-mail is sent to us supplying ONLY your name and basic transaction details.

In effect, NO ONE IN OUR ORGANISATION GETS TO VIEW YOUR CREDIT CARD DETAILS. Another way to look at this is: you pay the bank and the bank pays us.

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